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    Laundry Room Storage

    Chores are a necessary, if sometimes unwanted, part of home life. With our range of utility accessories, you’ll find all the items needed to complete those tasks quickly and easily.

    Make doing the laundry a breeze by investing in one of our laundry airers or, if you are struggling for outdoor drying space, a clothes airer. We have laundry organisers in all shapes and sizes and useful laundry storage, such as bamboo, wicker and plastic baskets as well as drawer dividers and space saving hangers.

    Don’t forget that our furry friends need their laundry doing too! Our store includes a brilliant range of pet accessories that will keep their coats, bedding and toys in tip top condition.

    Whether it’s your weekly spruce up or the big spring clean, getting the house looking spick and span is a neverending task! With a vast array of cleaning accessories in stock, Roov is the place to come to make tidying enjoyable. Shop scrubbing brushes, cupboard organisers, washing up organisers, vacuum stands and much more.

    A tidy kitchen is a productive kitchen, so why wouldn’t you want to keep it looking great? We have all of your kitchen storage needs covered, no longer will you be rummaging through the back of cupboards trying to find a particular spice or be met with half-open packets of pasta and cereal. Get all of your containers, jars and storage boxes here!

    Please note that this address is not for correspondence or product returns. If you would like to contact us, please use the form on the contact page.

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