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Our Summer BBQ Essentials

A barbeque with your friends and family really is the epitome of a gorgeous summer's day. Whether it's just a few friends round or a grand get together with steaks and burgers on the go, BBQ’s are about making the most of our summer weather and having a good catch up with friends and family.

Barbeques can often be effortless and you don’t need all the expensive equipment or the best ever barbeque in order to make tasty food, but if you are aiming close to perfect then our BBQ essentials will really help you achieve that goal!

Now, although we can’t have the summer BBQ’s we might have planned just yet with all of our friends and family around, we can still enjoy intimate BBQ’s with the household during lockdown. So to make sure it goes as easy and stress-free as possible then make sure to take a look at our top 10 BBQ essentials as well as a few more handy gadgets.

Find the right BBQ.

Find the right BBQ.

If you already have a BBQ then you have this step covered, but if you are looking to buy one then make sure to invest in a BBQ that will suit you right! Think about the kind of foods that you will be cooking and also the time and effort it will take to prepare the BBQ; A gas BBQ tends to be easier to light as well as use and clean but can be on the pricier side if you don’t do your researching, whereas a charcoal BBQ can often be a bit more difficult to light and not as fast at cooking the food but will cost you a lot less as well as bringing a lot more flavour to your food in the end result.

Your Ingredients.

Your Ingredients.

Your food choice often tends to have some planning behind it to make sure that you have enough food for your guests as well as picking up their favourites. It’s always good to be prepared so make sure to write down a shopping list beforehand and note down any condiments, food, drinks, napkins etc that you will need to pick up to make sure you don’t forget anything.

If you’re stuck on what to cook on your barbecue, here are a few ideas that always work well for me when it’s my turn to host; Burgers, (of course!), sausages, chicken skewers with mixed grilled veg, kebabs & plenty of salad, although that tends to be only food left at the end of the evening in my family…

Barbeque Grilling Tool Set.

Barbeque Grilling Tool Set.

From a starter grilling set for beginners, to a 20-piece all-round set for the experts, your tools are up at the top of my lists of BBQ essentials. For any barbecue, little or small you will more than likely always need a set of tongs to turn pieces of meat or vegetables, a spatula to flip pieces of meat such as the burgers and a barbeque fork that the juices of your meats are clean and thoroughly cooked before serving.

As well as the tools mentioned above, other tools you may find handy include; a cutting knife, a bunch of skewers, a basting brush and a seasoning box, to get all of the tasty flavours onto your food, these are all easy enough to find online or can be found at your local supermarkets or home and garden stores. I personally love the 4pc. Stainless Steel Spatula Set from Maison & White as although they are all spatula, they come in super handy when cooking the different types of meats on my barbeque as well as a bench scraper which is super handy for the preparation!

Barbeque Thermometer.

Barbeque Thermometer.

Now even if you think that you’re the BBQ expert of the family and that no one should intervene when you're grilling, I think that a thermometer is definitely an essential for when barbecuing food. When it comes to meats like chicken you can never be too careful, especially if you are cooking for guests as you wouldn’t want them to wake up the next morning feeling unwell.

A simple thermometer for your BBQ will get the job done easily and ensure that all of your food is cooked to the right temperature before serving, as well as a lot of happy, (and healthy) guests.



As well as the normal serveware such as plates and cutlery, if you are having a rather large gathering for your barbeque, you might want to put a little bit more effort into the presentation of your food or put some appetizers out if the food isn’t going to be ready for a little while.

Here are some our products by Maison & White and Pukkr that will come in super handy when throwing a larger gathering or just to show off to friends and feel a bit more ‘extra’:

  • 3 Tier Serving Set | M&W Platters - Perfect for displaying everybody's favourite snacks and nibbles. This 3 tier set is certain to make any snack or food look even more delicious and tasty.
  • Set Of 4 Porcelain Serving Platters | M&W - Great for buffet-style meals and large gatherings. They can be used at home to show off or even in a commercial kitchen too.
  • Bamboo Rotating Dip Set & Ceramic Dishes | M&W - Fill the rotating dip set with a small selection of nuts, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and some different crisps and dips, it can easily be refilled if your guests were hungrier than you originally thought.
  • Bamboo Multicoloured Cocktail Sticks | Pukkr - Such a small and colourful detail that won’t go unnoticed. These can either be used for nibbles such as mini sausages or can be used when serving your guest's favourite cocktails.
  • 2L Ice Bucket Drink Cooler | M&W - No more running to and from the freezer to fetch ice for your guest's drinks, this 2L Ice bucket will ensure that your guest's drinks stay cold and refreshing for the duration of their stay.



As the host, you want to make sure that your guests feel relaxed and as comfortable as possible during your barbeque so standing isn’t really an option. If you don’t want to splash the cash on more furniture that you will probably only use once or twice a year then why not ask your guests if they could bring any spare chairs or tables? You could even bring out your old camping gear too for some extra chairs and tables!

Cleaning Supplies & Equipment.

Last but not least, the cleaning supplies…

If you don’t have one already, make sure to pick up a BBQ cleaning brush, these tend to be quite hard wire brushes and are perfect for getting all of the stiff, burnt food residues off of your grill. As well as this, make sure you have plenty of kitchen rolls or sponges to clean down your tables and chairs.

As well as all of the above, a few other handy things to have when having a BBQ would be:

  • Baking Trays - They help to carry out your meats for cooking or serve when the food is cooked.
  • Leather Grilling Apron - To protect you and your clothes from any stains or burns.
  • Burger Press - To make the perfect shaped home-made burger.
  • Rotisserie Kit - Used to grill or roast a larger joint of meat evenly.
  • BBQ Vegetable Grilling Basket - For smaller pieces of meat or vegetables.

As well as all of the above, you want to make sure you cater for the people coming to your BBQ so make sure to think about dietary preferences & specialist requirements of your guests. Many people are vegetarians and vegans and others may be coeliac or have allergies so you want to be careful. Equally, if kids are coming, cater to them. These factors will all influence what and how you should cook!

I hope that all of the above has made planning your BBQ a little easier or maybe even made you realise that you need to pick up a few extra bits for your BBQ next week.

In these difficult times we may not be able to have large gatherings and enjoy a family BBQ like we used to last summer but all of the above will make sure that you are well prepared for when you can get together again!

Posted by: Charlotte

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